Loan Cars

With our preferential partnership rates, ease of use, and free collection & delivery, why not take advantage of a rental car whilst your vehicle is with us?


We work in partnership with Enterprise rent-a-car which gives you an easy and hassle free solution for staying mobile whist your car is with us.


Redish Automotive and Enterprise rent-a-car take care of all the admin work.
All you need to do is book your rental car with Redish Automotive by contacting us.

We will need the following information from you:

  • Full name.

  • Telephone no.

  • Email address.

  • Hire start time.

  • Number of days use.

  • Hire finish time.

  • Manual or Automatic transmission.

  • Do you require an Enterprise lift to & from their depot.


Enterprise are able to offer you a 'band C' vehicle which would be similar to a Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 208, or Seat Leon for example: 

1 days hire - £30.00

2 days hire - £58.00

3 days hire - £84.00

4 days hire - £96.00

5 days hire - £110.00

6 days hire - £115.00

7 days hire - £120.00

14 days hire £240.00
(all prices include VAT).


Once you have booked your Enterprise rental car with us at Redish Automotive, a member of the Enterprise booking team will contact you closer to your booking, to take more formal details from you and advise you of the documents you need to bring with you.


On the day(s) that you drop off, and then collect, your BMW at Redish Automotive, you may require a lift to and from the Enterprise depot.
If so, just arrive at Redish Automotive ahead of your requested Enterprise "we'll pick you up" lift, and they will transport you and your luggage to their closest Enterprise hub, free of charge.


Enterprise rent-a-car
59 Hartcliffe Way
01179 663000


Travel info from Redish Automotive BS13 7TT to Enterprise South Bristol BS3 5RN
By car - 8 mins (2 miles)
By foot - 25 mins (1.5 miles)


The arrangement ends once you return your rental vehicle to Enterprise South Bristol.
They will drop you and your luggage back to us at Redish Automotive to collect your BMW.
Redish Automotive will invoice you and collect payment from you for the number of rental days used.

If you have any questions please call us on 01179 781889 or 07928 345724